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About Me

My name is Sebastian Cohnen (alias tisba, which is, in case you want to know, just a anagram version of Basti). I’m a freelance (web) developer based in Cologne, Germany. My strong points are Ruby/Rails, high performance node.js backends, NoSQL databases (Riak, Redis and CouchDB in particular) and the design of scalable architectures for web applications.

I’m 29, live in cologne and I have a master’s degree in Computer Science (my thesis was about design patterns for scalable, service-orientated web-architectures). Furthermore I’m addicted to Club Mate and in love with all my Apple gadgets. Being thrilled by all kinds of web technology I’m always seeking for interesting new stuff. My desk is located here in the Home Office Cologne. We still have a few seats to offer, so feel free to step by!

Besides German and English I also speak Ruby and JavaScript/ECMAScript most of the time. I’m also trying to learn some new (functional) programming languages at the moment, in particular Erlang/OTP. If you would like to know what I’ve been working on so far, take a look at the projects page.

Feel free to ping me via @tisba or mail basti[-AT-]