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Using Gem Edit via TextMate

The gemedit-gem is very useful if you want to have a quick look at what the lib you are using is doing. I found myself using gem edit some_gem_name quite often, several times a day. Yesterday I thought it would be nice to have a shortcut to open a gem’s code from within TextMate. So I wrote a little TextMate snippet. You can grab it here: (I’ll also update the gist, if I found any bugs/issues).

Wikipedia on CouchDB

This is the first post of a little series I’m planing. It’s about one of my favorite open source projects at the moment: Apache CouchDB. I assume you’ve already heard of the not-so-new player in the NoSQL league and I’m watching the project for quite a while now. Little hint: #couchdb on is where you get in touch with the couchers and I’m there most of the day, too.

But what will this little series be about? Short: Play with Wikipedia and CouchDB. I want to give interested people some guidance to CouchDB and working with it. It’s fun, believe me! And why Wikipedia? Because everybody knows it, they have plenty of data to play with and it’s just a perfect match for a document-orientated database like CouchDB. You can keep it simple, just import it, or you go one step further, do benchmarks, see how it performs, add lucene-powered full-text indices, write map/reduce views to analyse Wikipedia’s content… the possibilites are endless and maybe you even create something useful ;)

Hire Me!

I recently finished my studies in computer science at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, so you may call me master of computer science now *yay!* ;)

Seriously: It feels good to be (finally) finished with this part of my life now. And now?

I’d like to work on your projects!

I’m specialized in Ruby and Rails and other web technology like JavaScript and all the stack down to application servers, caching, messaging services, protocols like HTTP… – you name it. I also have experience in MySQL as well as several NoSQL datastores (especially CouchDB). My master’s thesis was about design patterns for scalable, service-orientated web-architectures — so designing and implementing scalable web-architectures is something I’m familiar with too.

My desk and working place here in Cologne (Germany) is hosted by the mighty Galaxy Cats which are very passionate developers and geeks — just like me. So if you want to get in touch feel free to drop by (Club Mate is on me).

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

CouchDB Shirt Arrived

Have a look what just arrived! :)

CouchDB Shirt

Ordered from the German CouchDB-Spreadshirt. If you want to have other products just ping me (I am managing the products there).

CouchDB-Lucene Console

Really quick, but I wanted to start with an actual useful blogpost (I’ve some more interesting topics in the queue though). So here we go!

I’m playing a lot with CouchDB and CouchDB-Lucene and I was missing something: An easy way to play with queries to c-l, without having to think about proper URL encodings, without having to remember the current/correct URL and syntax for a given index. And so I wrote this little ruby gem called cl-console!